Bio Yoghurt

Our yoghurts are incubated for 10 hours to give it that full and creamy taste. Every batch of yoghurt is tested and tasted over 3 times, before it goes out to the shops. In this way, we guarantee you the pure and great taste of Bio Yoghurt each and every day.


Bio Yoghurt

When we started Bio back in 1992, we had only one aim: we wanted to make the most delicious yoghurts. Ever since, every cup and every variant is made with the greatest love and care to ensure it has the smooth and wholesome flavour that you expect from us.
We only use the best live cultures, the cleanest milk and the most beautiful fruits. All ingredients are stringently tested before the production process so that only the purest and best ingredients are used. Bio yoghurt now comes in 100% Re-purposed Kenyan Plastic yoghurt cups in a 1 litre tub, 450, 150, 90 ml sizes.

The family packs come in a pack of 4 for the 90ml vanilla and strawberry variant and an assorted pack of 6 variants for the 150ml.

Greek Yoghurt

A new member to the healthy, creamy and tangy yoghurt range is the Bio Greek Vanilla Yoghurt! Rich, crispy and experimental for all your recipes. It comes in a 200 ml convenient cup and can enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

Fruit on the Bottom

Award winning – Bio Fruit on the Bottom! In our endless quest to delight our Bio fans we developed a totally new yoghurt concept. Fruit on the Bottom has a rich mix of the best fruits at the bottom of the cup covered by delicious Bio yoghurt. It comes in 4 delicious variants: Raspberry, Blueberry, Apple Butterscotch and Lime in 150 ml yoghurt cup and in a super handy 200 ml On-The-Go Cup complete with spoon. Enjoy your favorite yoghurt anywhere anytime.

Bio non-dairy

More and more people around the world are opting for plant-based alternatives as part of a healthy lifestyle. We thus set out to bring this innovation to Kenya. We looked at the available sources and we found Kentaste coconut milk made along the beautiful Kenyan coast. Using this great Kenyan product as a basis, we developed a delicious plant-based yoghurt in four amazing flavours: Nature, Pineapple, Mango and Tropical mix. All natural and locally grown. Bio Non-dairy Coconut Milk Yoghurt has a full and creamy taste and it is a fantastic treat for everyone. It is of course especially good news for vegetarians, vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. The yoghurt is packed in 100% Re-purposed Kenyan Plastic as part of our sustainability journey and packed in a 200 ml yoghurt cup.

Bio Active

Bio Active Probiotic Yoghurt Drink is a delicious fruit yoghurt with real fruit that will energize your day. It has all the good bacteria that boosts the immune system and that assist the digestion of food improving your overall well-being. Bio Active Probiotic Yoghurt is available in 3 exciting varieties; Blackberry & Raspberry, Cucumber & Mint, Yuzu, Apple & Lemon and comes in a 350 ml bottle.

Bio Active Power

Bio Active Power is a high protein, low fat, sugar free, and reduced sugar Probiotic Yoghurt Drink. It naturally has high protein which is a building block for muscles. It helps in maintaining muscle mass and promotes growth. It is also good for strong and healthy bones. As a probiotic drink, it has all the good bacteria that boost the immune system, that assist the digestion of food improving your overall well-being and supporting an active lifestyle. Bio Active Power Probiotic Yoghurt Drink is available in 3 variants; Nature, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

Nature – 25g protein, low fat, and sugar free

Strawberry – 23g protein, low fat, and reduced sugar

Vanilla – 23g protein, low fat, and reduced Sugar

Tinga Tinga

We got a kiddie range too! Bio Tinga Tinga yoghurt and yoghurt drink, perfect for your little ones. The Tinga Tinga range is made with all-natural ingredients and is lower in sugar content. We have 6 great variants of the assorted yoghurt pack: Vanilla, Strawberry Sana, Tinga Berry, Mangolicious, Perfect Peach and Tropical Kabisa. They come in a perfect 90 ml cup.
The Tinga Tinga Yoghurt drink comes in 3 variants: Vanilla, Strawberry Sana and Tropical Kabisa, in a 350 ml bottle.