Bio Cheese

Did you know that for every 1 kilo of cheese you need 10 litres of milk? Our brand-new cheese factory is now up and running producing both fresh and matured cheeses. A healthy cow is a happy cow and happy cows yield good quality milk. Once we receive the milk at Bio, we conduct 17 tests to ensure only the best of the best milk is used in our processing. We firmly believe in quality and do not compromise on this in any way. With sustainability being at the core of our business, we have opted for a fully biodegradable and ocean friendly packaging material to avoid the use of plastic. As you can expect from us, extensively tested, to make sure you only get the cleanest, healthiest and best tasting products.

You can Taste the Difference! Enjoy!

Fresh Cheese

Bio Mozzarella, Bio Halloumi and Bio Paneer are made with the cleanest and best tasting milk following traditional recipes. This gives Bio fresh cheeses a smooth and full flavor. You will Bio fresh cheeses in your salads, curries, and savory pies. No preservatives are used in Bio fresh cheeses and they are packed in in 100% biodegradable packaging.

Mature Cheese

Our team of Dutch and Kenyan cheese makers were excited to have the opportunity to make cheddars and goudas with our Bio milk. The combination of traditional cheese making skills and the best tasting and cleanest milk and careful ripening make Bio Gouda and Bio Cheddar a full flavored cheese.

No preservatives are used in Bio Gouda and Bio Cheddar and they are packed in 100% biodegradable packaging.