Team Bio

Great people making great products

We believe that great people will make great products. Everyone at Bio is passionate about one thing: delighting you with the cleanest and best tasting dairy products where and when you want. This is what drives our production team to make our products with utmost care and precision. This is why our drivers leave each morning as early as 4:00 am to bring our products to your favourite store.

Thank you, Team Bio, for making the Bio promise real every day!

Proud of our people

Made with care

Over the years we have built a state-of-the-art production facility and trained a great production team. Every day, every cup of yoghurt and every bottle of milk is made with love and care by our team.

Check & double check

During and after the production process, each batch of yoghurt and milk is tested and tasted many times. This ensures that only product that has the right quality and best taste goes to the shops.

Starting early

Every day our team of dispatchers and drivers starts in the early morning hours to ensure all our cooling trucks are on the road before 4:00 am to beat traffic. In this way we strive to have our products on the shelf where and when you want to buy them.

Meet a few of our great people