The Bio Way

Quality from Grass to Glass



It all starts at the farm. We help farmers to produce more and better-quality milk. Our Dairy Development Team regularly visits the farms. We help with optimizing feeding hay, silage and feeds, to ensure the cow eats an optimal diet and produces more and better tasting milk. We also help the farm to adopt the best hygiene standards by adopting strict disease control, better animal care and good cleaning practices. Cleaner milk makes better tasting yoghurt and milk. To reward the farmer for all his efforts, we pay a significant quality linked premium for milk supplied.


We are passionate about quality. All fresh milk is stringently tested to ensure that only the cleanest and best tasting milk is processed. We test for bacterial counts, presence of anti-biotics and inhibitors, for aflatoxin levels and for any other impurities. We apply strict international quality standards and milk that does not meet the set criteria, is rejected. In this way we guarantee that you can trust and enjoy our cleaner and better tasting products every day.


Our milk is held at the reception for all the initial tests. Once the milk tests pass, the milk is approved and is released for processing! This could be processing of your favorite yoghurts, milk, cheese etc. Different products follow a different processing plan. We continuously test our products during processing to ensure that we do not compromise on quality. After the processing stage, we pick final samples for testing and store the products in our cold rooms to maintain and hold the shelf life and quality of our products, before they get to you.


We do all this for you! We have a fleet of vehicles that are refrigerated to ensure cold chain is maintained all through from the plant straight to the stores, where you can purchase your favorite products. In the store, we ensure products are refrigerated all through to maintain the quality and shelf life of the products.
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And finally, it gets to you! Whether you are enjoying your yoghurt, your glass of milk or a dip, we ensure that you get the best tasting products. We work closely together with our retail partners to ensure you can get our products where and when you want them. Our teams visit each outlet a few times per week to ensure the products are available and the shelves look neat.