At the heart of everything we do

We want to make our business more sustainable every year. Every year we perform a Sustainability Audit which shows us where we are doing well and where we can improve. The highlights of the 2019-20 Sustainability Audit were as follows:
The generation of electricity is a major contributor to the emission of CO2 which leads to global warming. At Bio we are committed to driving electricity consumption and to moving to sustainable electricity sources.


Water is precious for life. At Bio we are working every day to make our water use as little and efficient as possible. And we ensure whatever water we return to nature is 100% clean.

  • We implemented a Water Behavior Change program leading to a significant drop in water usage
  • Implemented fully functional Effluent Treatment Plant and a Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Implemented water recycling systems throughout the factory processes.
  • Implemented water saving valves throughout the production plant.


Packaging has a huge and quite frankly a “seeable” and felt impact to the environment. Packaging that amounts to trash, barely recyclable is dumped in to the landfills and all it does it slowly but surely fill an empty piece of land, creating a mountain of trash. It clogs our rivers, emits harmful gases to the environment among many other health hazards. At Bio, we continuously re-look our packaging and endeavor to reduce the landfills. For instance, our yoghurts are now packed in Recycled Kenyan Plastic, our cheese comes in Bio-degradable and ocean friendly packaging, our milk bottles are now even more recyclable with less PET and less white! And this is just the beginning!


We continuously strive to reduce the impact of our packaging by lightweight, by using biodegradable or recycled material and by facilitating collection and recycling

  • Light weighted Bio Fresh Milk bottles by 30%
  • Introduced a less white Bio Fresh Milk bottle for easier recycling
  • Introduced yoghurt cups made of 100% recycled Kenyan plastic
  • Implemented 100% biodegradable cheese packs
  • Rolling out over 20 Bio Recycling Stations to enable recycling of all packaging materials


Recycling – towards the circular economy

It is our aim to make our business circular by driving collection and recycling of all materials we use

  • 98% of waste at the Bio factory is recycled
  • Our yoghurt cups are made of 100% recycled Kenyan Plastic
  • We are rolling out over 20 Bio Recycling Stations to enable recycling of all packaging materials
  • More exiting innovations will to follow soon

Go sustainable at the farm

Cows produce methane which is a contributor to global warming. We partner with our farmers to increase their yields per cow and bring down the gas emissions.

  • On average we increase the total yield per farm by over 10% per year which reduces the CO2 output per liter
  • We are supporting the implementation of manure and pasture best practices to reduce CO2 emission per liter