At the heart of everything we do

1. Conscious Manufacturing

At Bio we are acutely aware that natural resources are finite and that businesses need to take actions to support the safeguarding of the planet for future generations. We continuously aim to develop operational efficiencies to reduce consumption and co2 emissions wherever possible. Over the past three years we have implemented a variety of exciting operational improvements behind the scenes to decrease the environmental impact of our operations.

2. Packaging With Care

As with all food and beverage manufacturers, we require packaging to safely store and transport our products to consumers. However, we are continually striving to improve the sustainability and recyclability of this packaging. Here are some of the improvements we have already made which we are really proud of:

3. Creating Healthy Products

At Bio we are passionate about producing the healthiest and cleanest products for our customers. We have stringent rules andprocesses in place and our customers have come to trust that the products reaching them and their families can be consumed safely with confidence.

4. Engaging with our Supply Chain

We are passionate about working with our dairy farmers to achieve a more sustainable value chain. We are aware that dairy farming is highly carbon intensive and puts immense pressure on the ecosystem. Whilst the farms that supply us are not owned by Bio, we have a responsibility to ensure that these farms are acting responsibly and sustainably. 94% of this footprint is made up of methane gas emissions. There is little we can do about these methane emissions – cows will becows, gas and all! But what we can do is help farmers ensure that every cow is happy and healthy in a bid to increase milk yields.We work with our farmers to ensure that there are high standards of cow and calf care including sufficient bedding, quality feed,regular access to water and a ban on tail docking.

5. Nurturing our People

At Bio we want happy people who develop personally and professionally as our company grows. We nurture a culture of inclusivity which we believe shows in our extremely low levels of staff turnover (6% for permanent staff) and absenteeism levels of 0.35%.
Jennifer Fernandes, Damaris Mwalimu, Florence NthengeConsumer Care Manager, Shop Floor Worker Fine Foods Section, Shop Floor Worker Fine Foods SectionJoined Team Bio in Oct 2012, Sep 2008, Nov 2004

6. Engaging with our Community

As one of the fastest growing brands in Kenya we are in a position to drive positive change in our country. We believe that safeguarding Kenya takes unified action. We hope that Bio can be a catalyst for this change. Below are some of the ways that we have been working with the community:

Take back Bins installed in 7 locations to help Kenyans recycle their plastic waste. These bins will continue to be rolled out across the country over the next 12 months.

Eldoret Pilot Project
We realize that improving milk yields and farming practices is not only an issue for us at Bio but requires systemic country-wide change. We hope that once the Covid-19 situation improves we can roll out our training to a wider network of farmers. By doing this we hope to spread the word about the ‘Bio Way’, with a focus on controlled antibiotic usage, aflatoxin reduction and measures to improve yield. We hope that one day the ‘Bio Way” can become THE WAY!

We are committed to make tangible steps every day towards sustainability. We will commission our new solar installation; we will introduce recycled PET and we will work closely with our farmers to name just a few of the #GoSustainable initiatives planned in 2020/21. We can make a real difference and #GoSustainable together.