Go Sustainable!

Following the successful launch of our First Sustainability Report and our campaign on creating awareness on recycling in an effort to achieve circular economy goals, we caught the attention of many, keen to learn from us and curious as to how they can join the bandwagon of sustainability and good manufacturing practices. Kenya Association of […]

AFMASS Awards!

AFMASS Food Expos brings together small, medium and large food companies and technology providers in a number of sections, with each showcasing the latest products and innovations from Africa and the World.The 3-day (4th – 6th December, 2022) expo offered our company the opportunity to exhibit and sample our Clean. Healthy. Delicious milk to all […]

Bio Values launch!

We are delighted to have recently launched our BIO Values: Quality, Lead, Passion, Trust. Core Values are our culture code and our guiding principles on how we relate with each other and our stakeholders. They define who we are and guide everything we do. They keep us grounded to our main focus in providing you […]

Bio Milk Quest

Bio Milk Quest

Milk is a great source of nourishment…but do we know what good quality milk is?  We at Bio work day and night to make sure you only get the Cleanest and Best tasting Milk! But what does CLEAN Milk actually mean? Join us on a journey to learn about milk quality and what we do […]

New Fruit on the Bottom Pack with a Spoon!

Last year we delighted our consumers with the award-winning Fruit on the Bottom Yoghurt. We then launched Fruit on the Bottom in very convenient 200ml cup complete with a spoon in the cap.  You can now pick up your favorite flavor and enjoy it anywhere any time.

Bio Active Probiotic Yoghurt

Our new Bio Active Probiotic Yoghurt Drink is a delicious fruit yoghurt with real fruit that will energize your day. It has all the good bacteria that boosts the immune system and assists in the digestion of food improving the overall well-being. Bio Active Probiotic Yoghurt is available in 3 exciting varieties; Blackberry & Raspberry, […]

The New 2 Liter Milk Bottle – More Milk, Less Plastic

In our continuous effort to reduce plastic consumption while increasing customer convenience, Bio launched the all new 2 liter bottle for Bio Fresh Milk. This means that again you will use less plastic for more milk. The bottle is made of PET plastic which is globally recognized as a plastic ideal for recycling. To facilitate […]

Bio goes Green…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We rolled out our new Bio Fresh Milk bottles that are made using 30% less PET. PET is globally recognized as a plastic which is ideal for recycling. We also launched our new 2 Liter Bio Fresh Milk bottle, which will again lead to a reduction of PET per liter of milk! We will also […]

Fruit On The Bottom!

In February we launched the long-awaited Bio Fruit on the Bottom. In our endless quest to delight our Bio fans we developed a totally new yoghurt concept. Fruit on the Bottom has a rich mix of the best fruits at the bottom of the cup covered by delicious Bio yoghurt. It comes in 4 great […]

Bio Barista Milk – Perfect Milk for Perfect Coffee!

Bio is the undisputed market leader in innovation. We are always on the look-out for ideas and products that can delight out customer. And so, we were very excited to partner with Safari Lounge Coffee to try and develop the prefect milk for perfect coffee. Two thirds of a perfect cappuccino and latte consists of […]