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We are innovative
We address a market comprising people from a diversity of races, cultures and religions in a dynamic and constantly evolving backdrop of market forces and socio-economic trends. We dare to overstep our own boundaries and in the process create and set the pace.

Our R&D department - the BIO Nucleus
Consumer expectations, technical expertise, product know-how, information technology, quality awareness, instrumentation and sheer experience relentlessly combine forces in our Research and Development department in creating products which can stand up to the best of international brands.

We take the Consumer seriously
We listen to ideas and suggestions that can come from the most unexpected sources. We study consumer behaviour, accept cultural diversity, understand likes and dislikes, consider affordability and create health awareness. In the rare case of a customer complaint we diagnose and establish the root cause, remedy the situation and guarantee to keep the complainant informed. We then act to prevent and not merely cure. 

We build mutual Trust and Confidence
Consistency in product, quality and service can only be attained when the team striving to achieve these parameters are at ease with themselves and with one another. 

We attract and retain the best in the industry and prioritize the wellbeing of our employees. We stimulate and motivate, encourage two-way communication and build mutual trust and confidence. We create awareness on the management of natural resources as well as on environment protection.

Quality, the way we know it
Our quality assurance begins with clearly defined parameters in the selection of raw materials. The entire production process is guided by the principles of HACCP (Hazard analysis of critical control points). Finished products are tested in accordance with our strict criteria. The in-house quality assurance team also keeps a check on personnel hygiene.  In addition to testing raw materials, the laboratory is also responsible to test finished products. An external laboratory is assigned to periodically counter check our own results. We further encourage and invite qualified inspectors, executive chefs and relevant authorities to visit and inspect our production facility.

HACCP ensures documentation of every process enabling traceability where and when required. All personnel are subjected to the statutory semi-annual health checks.

Our brand is our promise
We take responsibility for our own actions and understand that a promise made is a promise kept.

In order to constantly strive for excellence, ensure employee welfare, sustain our operations alongside the environment, we must ensure a return on investment to our shareholders.