Pure, unadulterated, tropical, Wild Bush Honey.
Certificate of analysis available upon request.

The Bio Wild Bush Honey is harvested exclusively by Cabesi which is a sustainable self-help project giving hundreds of neglected women a new hope for survival through poverty reduction, capacity building, social development, food security and education to girls.

Note: If honey crystallizes it is NOT necessarily a sign of adulteration. It is linked with the imbalance of the natural sugars in the honey which varies depending on its origin and the season.

Portions are individually packed with hermetically heat sealed aluminium foil lids.

Ideal for camping trips and safaris. A favourite of most hotels, lodges and airlines flying out of Nairobi.

Variants: n/a
Sizes: 20g pot, 5kgs catering jar available on order
Packing: 10 x 12x20g Mini Pack; 100 x20g box, 1 x5kg jar
Export: per carton - 4 x 10x12x20g; 8 x100x20g; 4x5kg
Storage: store between 15°C - 25°C
Shelf life: 10 months