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15 Mar 2012 - MILK - minus lactose and fat reduced.

Why lactose free?

Lactose is a sugar naturally found in milk. People who are lactose intolerant do not produce sufficient amounts of the lactase enzyme in their digestive tract to breakdown and digest the lactose found in milk resulting in bloating, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and general discomfort.

BIO MILK MINUS LACTOSE contains the lactase enzyme which converts the lactose in milk to glucose. The glucose gets naturally caramelized during sterilization,   imparting a hint of natural sweetness and caramel colour to this long life milk.

You can now benefit from the calcium in our BIO MILK MINUS LACTOSE without discomfort during and after consumption.

*If you suffer from extreme lactose intolerance, we suggest you try our BIO MILK MINUS LACTOSE in small doses prior to a complete switchover.

  • Long-life, homogenised, sterilised
  • Durable recyclable plastic (HDPE) bottle, totally leak and spill proof.
  • Hygienic and free of contamination.
  • BIO MILK MINUS LACTOSE has a naturally sweet and caramelized taste.
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