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Our commitment to quality, fair supplier relationships and sound employment practices has put BIO in a strong position to address social and environmental impact issues. We operate along several fundamental pillars that generate substantial positive impact.

We abide by fair hiring practices and emphasize staff training and development. We follow principles of good governance and constantly seek to improve upon social and environmental business practices. A strong quality ethos drives our business and makes us leaders in innovation and in the improvement of industry standards.

A new investment into BIO by Willow Impact Investors, will enable us to expand the impact that we already generate.

To benefit our supplier dairy farmers, we will be creating milk chilling and collection facilities in selected rural areas. This will support our supply of quality milk while creating positive impact for farmers by helping increase their incomes and by contributing to food and income security. Providing farmers with such access to markets supports small enterprises and employment creation in rural areas. We also aim to have a positive impact on the dairy industry as a whole by sharing our dedication to quality and best practices with our suppliers.

We look forward to working with Willow to achieve these, and more, impact objectives, and to assessing and measuring their effectiveness.